Katrine Meisfjord - Artist

Soup&Stories Project

Website www.meisfjord-satre.com

Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gsYPohZenk&feature=youtu.be

The Soups&Stories Project is a dialogue based art project introducing new forms of interaction and creating alternative forums for discussion about political topics, thereby gaining insights which differ from those of our media saturated society. We facilitate the space and method to enable people with varying backgrounds to share their personal stories while eating soup together. The shared stories revolve around personal experiences and how we relate or react to diversity, current events and circumstances. Events vary from discourse in private spaces to gatherings in the public space, usually in conjunction with festivals or other public events.

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Open dialogue invites and encourages participants to become more conscious about what is going on around them, giving them more choices and influence on how they interact within the community, potentially increasing our capacity to constructively use the potential arising from increasing diversity. The project focuses on the resources available to the individuals and their networks. Soups&Stories is an approach and method to facilitate living with growing societal diversity, focusing on democracy, freedom of speech, tolerance and respect. The approach and methodology has the potential to be integrated into other societal areas. Dialogue based projects are open processes which will play an important role in an innovative and foresightful global development in the face of large shifts in demographics. 

Further the project will focus on the fact that we are the result of the society in which we were raised. Our social circles are basically comprised of people who believe the same things we do. Fostering interaction between disparate social groups introduces us to different lifestyles, value systems and experiences which have consequences for social interaction, eventually leading to a broader conception of the present and the past.

The people behind Soups&Stories:
The project was initiated in 2012 by Katrine Meisfjord and Gitte Sætre who were later joined by a group of other artists and academics: Tonje Indrøy, Torill Wanvik, Mekdes Shebeta, Shahnaz Amin Haaq, Rita Agdal, Solvei Stoutland, Kwestan Jamal Bawan and Cagla Kulakac Solomon.