Katrine Meisfjord - Artist

Social Art


As an artist I’ve chosen to focus on dialogue and participant based art. My focus is on intercultural meetings in local communities with the goal to introduce members of different groups to one another, mixed across age, social strata, and cultural affiliation.

I aim to organize dialogue events that allow us to take part in realities outside our own. The aim is to, over time, gain a greater understanding of differences, resulting in a common deep awareness of multiple positions to behold.

Upcoming projects  


Art Centre Kabuso; Social project in local community, January - Desember

EU prosjektet, Future DiverCities (FDC), BEK, Savonia University, Finland, February

8. March Bergen, official event. Soups&Stories in collaboration with Eritrean Women`s Union; Min kamp. Vår kamp. Storytelling and dialogue

KMD, Bergen, Symposium The Articulating Body, by kurator Berit Fischer; contribute with my project Food for Thought, Room for Conversation, April